How To Find The Name, Address, Court Records Etc. With A Background Search


Finding information on someone has never been easier. However, modern online background checking websites are able to access some of these data, especially of US citizens. One area that has few credible and reliable sites though is the UK. Most online background check review websites list background search companies in the USA. These don’t always have information on UK citizens, unfortunately.

Many online services primarily focus on businesses, providing services for checking applicants for jobs, while also allowing landlords to screen any potential tenants and to assess how suitable they are. The checks come in three different levels, enhanced, standard and basic and offer services including authenticating identity, checking references and providing checks on individuals financial and driving license history.

One area that you notice immediately about background check services is its rivals. Any background search conducted through such an online directory is simply there to make contact and order the service. It means that you are not able to type in an individual’s information and receive the results immediately; instead, you have to contact their customer support to discuss the situation and then let them handle the search.

It seems a convoluted and inefficient way of managing things, though it must be noted that they are currently developing a web-based service to carry out the background check online, however this is not up and running as of yet.

When you make contact with a good background checking service and discuss why you require their services, only then will you get an idea of how much the costs will be as no prices are listed on the site. This fact makes it very challenging when recommending whether or not they offer value for money. In contrast, background check companies like Intelius and US Search provide tools for instant online search.

On the more impressive side of things, compared to pre-employment screening, investigating potential tenants is more organized and efficient. Impressively, it draws from many sources of data when producing a report, including criminal records, while it also has the ability to calculate realistically how much rent the individual in question would be able to afford to pay.
With the tenancy area of certain services you have the choice of two different investigations that you can request, basic or comprehensive, while within both are various checkpoints in which the person is rated, including fraud records, credit records and future job prospects. Furthermore, the form updates itself as you enter in more details and you can receive a result of this assessment without paying anything.

Customer support is based the USA, and very usefully can be contacted by both phone and email. Additionally, updates are posted on the site with news and tips on background checking and employment though this can be a mixed bag with some very useful titbits but also some cheap sales patter.

Overall, many online people record searching companies make a decent fist of offering Britain some background checking facilities. A lack of options, including online searching and background reports for individuals instead of businesses is disappointing, though they are taking steps to address this. Despite these important factors missing and benefiting from a lack of competition in the UK, this is a well-run and credible site that is a good option for businesses and landlords for screening individuals.