Reducing Arthritis Pain By Using Turmeric


Ayurvedic medicine has been practiced for more than five millennia in the Indian subcontinent with millions of people using it in order to successfully alleviate pain, treat various injuries and conditions. One of the secrets of Ayurvedic medicine though is turmeric which is a plant that grows abundantly in India and can be used both for cooking and for healing purposes as we're going to see in the paragraphs below.

Getting turmeric in capsule form

Getting Turmeric tablets is probably the easiest way of taking advantage of its benefits without having to worry about the fact that you need to buy it in organic form, grind it and only then being to use it. You can easily find them online, but make sure that before you buy them to read the back of the bottle. The best turmeric supplements are those that are made in the USA, are clinically proven and contain powerful antioxidants and Bioprotectants and also have a higher absorption rate facilitated by the BioPerine ingredient.

Including turmeric in your diet

Did you know that if you suffer from arthritis you can easily add turmeric in your diet and soon enough you're going to alleviate your pains? It's true and there are millions of people who can attest to that. When using it in powder form, you need to keep in mind that turmeric is more readily absorbed when combined with oil or pineapple, ginger and black pepper. How much of it should you take? Well, one to two teaspoons of it per day should be enough to have you experience its healing properties.

When it comes to the foods you can use turmeric for, they include most rice dishes, omelets, stews, but also steak. In fact, you can use it with any food you want as long as it goes well with it and you like how it tastes.

Use it topically

If you have arthritis and the pain is just unbearable, then you should consider applying turmeric topically. How can you make it? Well, you need to make a turmeric paste by using coconut oil and then applying it on the painful areas. One thing to keep in mind is that you should never mix it with water and that is because turmeric is not soluble in water. Be careful with the clothes you're wearing as well, since once they're stained with turmeric, it's going to be impossible to remove the stain.